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Established as an independent research, innovation and technology hub OKYS explores, develops and implements novel technologies to tackle emerging business and societal challenges.

Cloud Platforms

OKYS offers consultative and software development services to customers that are looking to extend and integrate their existing infrastructure with a cloud platform. If you are looking for a mobile application for a large number of users, if you need an extremely scalable web application we can help you design and develop the application on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. We offer practical advice based on our past experience that helps our customers create working ecosystems of on premise and cloud based applications with special focus on security and scalability. Our services help customers maximize their investments in cloud platforms.


Application Development

We develop enterprise and mobile applications for different deployments, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) APIs to support the smart connection of devices (e.g.: devices, gateway sensors) between them and with cloud/Web-based services. The wide range of technologies we support goes from traditional platforms (C, C++) to modern Open Source platforms (such as Enterprise Java or Python). Our applications run on traditional dedicated infrastructure and also cloud environments. We develop applications for various types of web and mobile end user devices (iOS, Android, Windows) and are keen users of Open Source solutions like Apache Cordova or frameworks like AngularJS. We balance our innovativeness with structured processes and planned approach to achieve planned goals for quality, time and costs.


Business Intelligence and Data analytics

We optimize data delivery and processing to providing the foundation for an agile enterprise and to generate useful insights for the private and public sector. Whether your organization needs to analyze historical trends, visualize real-time data streams, or automate time-consuming report creation, we will help you build solutions that transform data into actionable, valuable intelligence. By leveraging the latest platforms and capabilities, we will produce the visualizations and analytical details that will allow you to quickly find the appropriate answers and support your decision making. No matter where your data resides – OKYS can help connect and visualize your organization’s complex information by integrating your applications into powerful, user-friendly dashboards that allow you to make quicker, better business decisions.