OKYS digital solutions help turn ideas into the actions required to mobilize individual and collective engagement for the co-creation of a sustainable future. OKYS as a member of various networks, is well-connected within the science community following trending technologies and models.

The interdisciplinary team at OKYS focuses on the intersection between ICT and Society to provide smart solutions to citizens, consumers, decision makers and SMEs. OKYS can design and realise modern concepts for national and international companies and public administrations.

Smart cities

Providing smart applications based on state of the art technologies and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) methods, to support cities to become inclusive and affordable drivers of economic growth and sustainable development.

OKYS is working on a variety of urban topics such as intelligent cities, e-Democracy, e-participation, efficient agriculture, energy efficiency, environmental improvement, social inclusion and sharing economies in urban spaces, utilising “OKYS city cloud services” SaaS platform.

smart city

Health and wellbeing

Providing applications for active and healthy ageing and personalised care delivery, experimenting with augmented reality for virtual coaching, as well as cloud based and IoT APIs for connecting medical sensors to support personalised care services.

health and wellbeing